Downtown Doppelbock

You’ll be “scoopin’ the loop” if you have too many of these. Fueled by 9% alcohol, this brew takes off at one end, and finishes on top at the other, shuttin’ down just before you’ll get in trouble with the “bear.”

Belgian Chocolate Stout

Extra Stout is a descendant of the British and Irish porters of the 18th Century. These strong porters eventually became known as strong stout, then Foreign Stout or Extra Stout, depending on origin. Extra Stouts were exported world-wide, gaining popularity in the West Indies, Africa and parts of Asia.

Our Belgian Chocolate Stout amplifies the traditional drier versions from Ireland for a bolder, black brew.  The addition of both roasted barley and chocolate malted barley give our Stout undertones of chocolate, molasses and dried fruit.  The beer is generously hopped with Goldings hops to balance the sweetness from the malted barley. This beer is about 6.6% ABV. It is closely related to another winter beer we brew, called Chocolate Raspberry Stout.