What does that abbreviation mean?

Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in Beer & Brewing Discussions
Last Updated: 7/5/06
Taken from multiple (outdated) resources and then updated by Bryan Peretto. Feel free to print for personal use. Webmasters are encouraged to link to this page rather than steal it so it can be centrally updated.
AA – alpha acid (expressed as percentage, see also IBU and AAU))
AA – apparent attenuation
AA – Alpha Amylase
AAE – alpha amylase enzyme (not generally used—avoid using)
AAU – alpha acid unit (1 ounce of 1% alpha containing hops)
AB – Anheuser Busch
ABC – alcoholic beverage control (or “commission”), state regulatory agencies
ABC – Anchor Brewing Company (spell out to avoid confusion with above)
ABV – alcohol by volume
ABW – alcohol by weight
ADF – apparent degree of fermentation.
AE – Apparant Extract
AFAIK – As far as I know
AFAIAC – As far as I am concerned
AHA – American Homebrewers Association
AoB – Association of Brewers
APA – American Pale Ale
ASAP – as soon as possible
ASBC – American Society of Brewing Chemists
ATP – Adenosine TriPhosphate (yeast metabolism compound)
AW – American Wheat
B3 – Beer Beer and more Beer homebrew supply. (morebeer.com)
BA – Beta Amylase
BA – Beer Advocate (over-rated website with rude, beer snob membership)
BAA – Beers Across America (a “beer of the month” club)
BAE – beta amylase enzyme (not generally used—avoid using)
BATF – Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms
Bbl – barrel (31 gallons in U.S.)
BBW – Boston Beer Works
BJCP – Beer Judge Certification Program
BLAM – Brew Like a Monk (Book)
BLC – Beer Line Cleaner
BMC – Bud/Miller/Coors (see NAIL)
BOP – brew on Premises
BOS – best of show
BP – Brewers Publications (Association of Brewers)
BP – Brewpub
BP – Black Patent
BRF – Beer Recipe Formulator (software)
BT – Brewing Techniques (defunct magazine)
BTU – British thermal units
BTW – by the way
BYO – Brew Your Own (Magazine)
BVIP – Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter (Denny Conn)
BW – Barleywine
CaCO3 – calcium carbonate (chalk)
CAMRA – Campaign for Real ale
CAP – Classic American Pilsner
CaSO4 – calcium sulfate (gypsum)
CIP – Clean-In-Place
CJOHB – Complete Joy Of HomeBrewing (book)
CF – counterflow (chiller)
CFR – Code of Federal Regulations
CO – carbon monoxide
CO2 – carbon dioxide
CPVC – chlorinated polyvinyl choloride (plastic)
DAB – Dortmunder Actien Brauerei
DAP – DiAmmonium Phosphate (yeast nutrient)
D/C – DeWolf Cosyns (malting company)
DC – Denny Conn
DE – diatamacious earth (filter)
DE – diastatic enzyme
DIS – Dry Irish Stout
DGB – Designing Great Beers (Book: Daniels)
DME – dry malt extract (*preferred usage)
DME – dark malt extract (spell out to avoid confusion with above)
DME – diastatic malt extract (do NOT use this one)
DMS – dimethyl sulfide
DMS – diastatic malt syrup (as in Edme DMS extract)
DMSO – dimethyl sulfoxide
DO – Dissolved Oxygen
DWC – DeWolf Cosyns (malting company)
EBC – European Brewers’ Convention (color scale)
EE – extract efficiency (not generally used, avoid)
EKG – East Kent Goldings (hops)
EM – EasyMasher (Jack Schmidling Production)
ESB – extra special bitter
FAN – free amino nitrogen
FAQ – frequently asked question
F/C – The difference between a lab fine crush percentage and coarse crush percetage of a certain size granule (malt index)
FB – False Bottom
FDA – Food & Drug Administration
FG – final gravity
FTP – file transfer protocol
FV – fermentation vessel
FWH – first wort hopping
FWIW – for what it’s worth
G – Gallons
g – grams
GABF – Great American Beer Festival
GBBF – Great British Beer Festival
gpm – gallons per minute
HBD – Homebrew Digest
HBU – homebrew bittering unit (same as AAU)
HDPE – high density poly-ethylene (plastic)
HERMS – Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System
HLB – hot liquor bath
HLT – hot liquor tank
HR – Head Retention
HTB – How to Brew (Book)
HNO3 – nitric acid
HSA – hot side aeration
HWBTA – Home Wine & Beer Trade Association
I2PA – Imperial India pale ale (IIPA)
IBS – Institute for Brewing Studies (Association of Brewers)
IBU – international bittering unit, the IBU value is sometimes called “EBU”. The value is (grams * alpha acid * % utilization) / (litres * 10)
ID – inner diameter
IIRC – If I remember (recall) correctly
IM – Irish Moss
IMBR? – Is My Beer Ruined?
IMHO – in my humble opinion
IMO – in my opinion
IOB – Institute of Brewing
IOW – in other words
IPA – India pale ale
IIPA – Imperial India pale ale (I2PA)
IRA – Irish red ale
IRC – Internet Relay Chat (beer tasting sessions Tuesday nights, channel ‘#tasting’)
JK – Just Kidding
KotMF – Knights of the Mashing Fork (brewing guild)
L – degree Lovibond (measure of color)
L – degree Lintner (spell out to avoid confusion with above)
LA – low alcohol
LDPE – Low-Density PolyEthylene (plastic)
LHBS – Local HomeBrew Store
LP – liquid propane
LPG – liquid propane gas
LSF – Light Struck Flavor (aka skunking)
LT – lauter tun
MASB – Mid-Atlantic Small Brewers
MBAA – Master Brewers Association of America
M&BS – Malting & Brewing Science
MD – malto-dextrine (or M-D)
M&F – Munton & Fison
MgSO4 – magnesium sulfate (epsom salt)
MGD – Miller Genuine Draft
MJ – Michael Jackson
MBAA – Master Brewers Association of America
MLD – Mead Lover’s Digest
MLT – Mash lauter tun
MM – malt mill
MO – Maris Otter (British 2-row)
MSDS – Material Safety Data Sheet
MT – mash tun
N2 – nitrogen
NA – non-alcoholic
NaCHO3 – sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
NaCl – sodium chloride (table salt)
NAIL – North American Industrial Lager (ie Bud/Miller/Coors)
NAYY – No affiliation, yada yada
NB – Northern Brewer (hops)
NBLB – New Brewing Lager Beer (Book)
NCJOHB – New Complete Joy Of HomeBrewing (book)
NCM – North Country Malt (Grain/Hop seller)
NE – northeast (or New England—same region)
NG – natural gas
NHC – National Homebrew Competition
NSB – No Sparge Brew(ing)
O2 – oxygen
OD – outer diameter
OG – original gravity
P – Plato (density measurement, see also SG)
PBW – Powdered Brewery Wash (Cleaner)
PDX – Portland, OR / PNW
pH – potential hydrogen (acidity)
PET – PolyEthylene Terephthalate (aka polyester) (plastic)
PITA – pain in the ass
PNW – Pacific Northwest
ppg – points per gallon (extract efficiency)
ppm – part per million (mg/l)
PRV – Pressure Relief Valve (generally on corny keg lid)
psi – per square inch
PU – Pilsner Urquell (preferred use is to spell out)
PUI – Posting (a message to an online forum) Under the Influence
PVC – polyvinyl choloride (plastic)
RA – real attenuation
RB – Roasted Barley
RDF – real degree of fermentation
RCB – rec.crafts.brewing (also r.c.b.)
RDWHAHB – relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew
RFC – request for comment
RFDB – rec.food.drink.beer (also r.f.d.b.)
RIMS – recirculating infusion mash system
RIS – Russian imperial stout
RO – reverse osmosis (filtering approach)
RTFM – read the phvcking manual (usually used in computer discussions)
RyePA – Rye IPA (see IPA)
SA – Samuel Adams
SCP – Sanctioned Competition Program
SG – specific gravity (density measurement, i.e., dissolved sugar)
SG – starting gravity (Use OG – Original Gravity)
SMM – S-methyl methionine
SNPA – Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
SO – significant other (husband/wife)
SRM – American Standard Reference Method (color scale, 0 is water, over 50 is very dark, 20 is copper)
SS – stainless steel
SWMBO – She who must be obeyed (the wife/gf/so of a brewer)
TB – TastyBrew (tastybrew.com)
TCHBOHB – The Complete Hand Book of Home Brewing (Miller)
TIA – thanks in advance
TNCJOHB – The New Complete Joy Of HomeBrewing (book)
TSP – trisodium phosphate
TSN – Total Soluble Nitrogen (malt index)
URL – uniform resource locator (address in WWW)
VM – Valley Mill
WAG – wild assed guess
WK – Windisch Kolbach (also W-K), measure of diastatic power
WWW – world wide web
YMMV – your mileage may vary